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One round of language polishing + quality check.

Our professional, 100% native English language editors and strict quality control team work together to ensure a high quality final product.

One round of in-depth editing + quality check + one additional round of free paper polishing if requested within 90 days.

Our professional, 100% native English language editors and strict quality control team work together to ensure a high quality final product.

We list down three to five journals that are most appropriate for your article considering a comprehensive set of criteria and factors.

Thorough polishing and editing for application essays, including personal statement (PS), essays, statements of purpose (SOP), and recommendation letters.

  • C.B.
    PhD, Biomedical Engineering, Arizona State University (USA)
  • G. M.
    PhD, Physiology and Pharmacology, University of Strathclyde (UK)
  • J. D.
    PhD, Plant Pathology, University of Hertfordshire (UK)
  • C. J.
    PhD, Applied Social Psychology, Loyola University Chicago (USA)
A. B. M.
2005 - 2013, PhD, Architecture (history), Harvard University(USA)
2001 - 2005, BS, Mathematics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology(USA)

R. B.
1994, PhD, Mathematics, UC Berkeley (USA) 1984, MA, Mathematics, UC Berkeley (USA) 1967, BA, Mathematics, UC Berkeley (USA)
V. A.
2005 - 2012, PhD, Applied Physics, Rice University (USA)
2001 - 2005, BS, Physics, Applied Mathematics and Space Sciences , Florida Institute of Technology (USA)
K. L.
2008, PhD Ecology & Evolution / Environmental Studies, University of Toronto (Canada)
1996, MSc Biology (evolutionary biology, conservation) Queen's University (Canada)
1994, BSc Biology (botany, ecology, resources, wildlife), University of Guelph (Canada)

C. B.
2007 - 2011, PhD, Biomedical Engineering , Arizona State University (USA)
2002 - 2006, BS, Bioengineering, Oregon State University (USA)
M. T.
1996 - 2001, PhD, Medical Sciences, University of Alberta (Canada)
1995 - 1996, MS, Arts in English Literature, University of Calgary (Canada)
1991 - 1995, BS, Science in Cell and Molecular Biology, University of Calgary (Canada)

J. S.
1987, PhD, Plant/Agronomy, University California Davis (USA)
1983, BS, Arts, University California Santa Barbara (USA)
S. B.
1997, PhD, Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University (USA)
1994, MS, Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University (USA)
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Why choose us?
Native English language editors: each and every one of our editors is a talented English-speaking professional from the United States, Great Britain, Australia and other English-speaking regions.They are extensively experienced in editing and polishing papers, as well as documents required for studies overseas.
High quality professional editors: over 60% of our editors have more than 15 years professional English editing experience and are able to evaluate papers and applications in a comprehensive manner. Some of our editors are currently engaged in reviewing and assessing papers for peer-reviewed journals.
Expertise across disciplines: the editing team of MogoEdit comes from a variety of scientific fields, covering most disciplines including arts, science, engineering, business, medicine, law , etc. Many of our editors received degrees from world famous colleges (e.g., Harvard, MIT, and Oxford). They can provide you professional expertise when polishing your English papers and applications for studies overseas.
Strict quality control: we take a customer-centered approach and constantly evaluate our editors performance. This way to ensure that only the most excellent editors are retained and provide services to our customers.
Security measures: the security of your document is protected using multiple approaches, including our data management system, security system, and service flow. A formal confidentiality agreement can be signed upon request.
Unlimited quality assurances: we are committed to providing free language editing and polishing to our customers if any papers modified by us (without additional content change) are rejected from publication due to poor language quality for an unlimited time following the initial editing.
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