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What is the difference between standard polishing and in-depth editing?

Standard polishing focuses on improving the language, grammar and sentence structures in the paper so that it flows smoothly. It is recommended for users with prior experience in writing and submitting English papers for publication.

In-depth editing is recommended for users requiring extensive modification of their papers. Building upon standard polishing, in-depth editing offers an additional level of work on the overall organization, logic, and style of your paper. The editor will also provide constructive feedback on the content. This service also includes increased interaction with the editors. We strongly recommend that authors lacking experience in academic English writing select this service.

What happens after I submit my document to MogoEdit?

First, select the service that you are interested in and send your paper to our business inbox at support@mogodedit.com to receive a quote. After both sides reach a consensus and the user pays for the services, the paper will be immediately placed into our service queue. When the services is completed, the paper will be returned to you by email. Please make sure that you check your inbox (or spam folder) for your edited document after the specified time.

How should I contact you?

Please send any questions or queries to our inbox at support@mogoedit.com. We will respond as soon as we can once we receive your email.

Please contact us through the following form if you need our service, or have any questions, comments, or suggestions about our services.