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Journal selection service
In order to successfully publish your research, selection of appropriate target journals is of utmost importance. Selecting suitable journals will help accelerate the publication process and reduce the work involved. Inappropriate journal selection can lead to paper rejection and waste of your time. It may ultimately result in your valuable research being published in a journal of lower than expected impact.

The experts at MogoEdit are able to understand your research in the same way that your peers would and provide you with suggestions derived from the full range of available journals in your field, based on previously published papers and the journal's impact factor. After careful and integrative consideration, we will provide you with our journal selection report, where 3 to 5 journals will be listed in order of suitability. The strengths and weaknesses of each journal and the reasons for its selection will also be explained.
Journal selection service protocol
The author submits the paper draft (and other relevant information) and describes his or her requirements for the journal selection.

The experts in your field at MogoEdit will consider the following factors for journal selection:

1. Research field and type of paper (full research article, letters, comments, etc);
2. Originality and innovation of your research;
3. Journal scope and frequency of publication;
4. Impact factors of available journals;
5. Demands of author on journal selection;

The result of journal selection will be provided as a report.
Service pricing: $185/manuscript
(Duration: 5 to 7 work days)
Please contact us through the following form if you need our service, or have any questions, comments, or suggestions about our services.